Using Data Analytics & RPA for Continuous Monitoring of SOX Programs Webinar (1 Hour)


With the increased adoption of data analytics and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), the SOX landscape will be fundamentally altered over the coming years, resulting in tangible implications for how organizations approach the design and execution of their SOX programs. In this webinar, we will discuss the forces shaping the demand and adoption of continuous controls-monitoring into an organization's control environment, the current state--and ongoing evolution of--data analytics and RPA, plus:

  • How process and task mining works
  • Implementing intelligent automation, such as AI
  • The process improvement value chain
  • Data-driven vs. observation-driven improvement

    ...and much more




To show financial professionals how to streamline and optimize their SOX programs by adopting process and task mining, which incorporates new approaches and business technologies.


Mark Johnson, Senior Manager, Ernst & Young LLP

James Matcher, Advisory Principal, Intelligent Automation, Ernst & Young LLP

  • Process & Task Mining Landscape
    - History, evolution and purpose
  • Value Chain
    - Understanding and optimizing
      the process
    - Automating tasks
      - Artificial Intelligence
    - Business process management
    - Monitoring and improvement
  • Improving Business Analyst Productivity/Walkthrough Process
    - Process owner interviews
    - Identifying risks and controls
    - Process mapping and
    - Walkthrough transaction
    - Assess design of controls
  • Data vs. Operation-Driven Improvement
  • How Does Process & Task Mining Work?
  • Key Goals for Intelligent Automation
    - Increase efficiencies
    - Grow revenue
    - Improve experiences
    - Manage risk
  • Key Implementation Outcomes
    - Better process compliance
    - Continuous improvement
    - Surpass peers
    - Improved leveraging of SMEs
    - Increased automation potential
    - Enhanced transparency,
      consistency and quality
    - Cost reduction
  • Organizational Insights for Stakeholders
  • Application Access Control & Segregation of Duties





No advance preparation required.

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