Current Challenges in Establishing Shared Service Centers Webinar (1 Hour)


"Beyond Shared Services"—a term commonly used within the international arena—refers to work by individuals residing in different countries, working together as contractors to provide shared services. In this webinar, we will discuss the issues and benefits regarding global services in relation to remote work, and how establishing a Shared Service Center (SSC) for your company can benefit your organization, and help locate specialized talent at a reasonable cost. 

  • SSC vs. outsourcing
  • Establishing an SSC
  • Advantages and disadvantages of SSCs
  • Assessing an SSC

Find out how shared services can benefit your organization, and help your business locate specialized talent at a reasonable cost.

  • What are Shared Service Centers?
  • SSC vs. outsourcing
  • Why companies establish SSCs
    – Cost savings
    – Standardization
    – Specialization
    – Corporate scaling
    – Process improvements
    – Improved focus
  • The role of the SSC in a corporation
  • Activities being considered for an SSC
    – Transaction-based
    – Expertise-based
    – Strategy-based
  • SSC advantages and disadvantages
  • Establishing cultural intelligence
  • Relationship management recommendations
  • SSC models
    – Peer-to-peer
    – Hierarchical
    – Dedicated unit
  • Considerations for establishing an SSC
    – Type of SSC
    – What, where and how to move
    – Deciding on a location
  • Finance transformation principles
    – Simplify
    – Standardize
    – Centralize
    – Automate
  • Global controller operations
    – Evolution from SSC to GCO
  • Centralized journey challenges
    – Statutory, tax and cultural differences
    – Communications and managing expectations
    – Resistance to change
    – Expectation to fail



No advance preparation required.

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