Cash Flow Planning & Forecasting Webinar


Forecasting cash flow accurately and maintaining liquidity are even more critical in an uncertain economy. And the better the forecast, the better your company's profitability! In this cutting-edge webinar, experts from some of the most prominent companies in the country, including IBM and McAfee, will share how they plan and forecast cash flow and their best practices in cash and treasury management. Our team of experts will also discuss:

  • The changing landscape and techniques of forecasting
  • Using free cash flow to support investor and shareholder returns
  • Utilizing emerging technologies and AI to achieve more accurate results
  • Working capital forecasting and management

To enable accountants and financial managers to achieve greater profitability with more effective cash flow planning and forecasting. Participants will learn how to augment their forecasting skills using the most current financial methodology as well as "outside-the-box" thinking.


Patrick Balestrieri, FPAC, CTP, CFO & Enterprise Value Consultant

Matthew Charney, Senior Treasury Manager, IBM

Stuart Jones, Senior Director, Treasury, McAfee

Michael Kapala, Manager, Finance Automation, RSM

Luis Soto, Treasury Advisory Manager, RSM

Ron Stott, Value Engineer, Kyriba

  • Cash Flow Forecasting at IBM
  • Data Driven Forecasting & Planning
    – Implementing a data driven forecast
    – Liquidity metrics and modeling
    – Utilizing emerging technology
       – Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
       – Artificial Intelligence (AI)
       – Analytics
  • Cash Forecasting Trends & Management
    – Sources of value in treasury
    – Treasury overview
    – Cash management
    – Cash forecasting
       – Integrated forecasting
       – Considerations to create a forecast
       – Integration with global planning
  • Treasury Technology—A Case for Treasury Management Systems
    – Integrated system architecture and automation
    – Finance technology ecosystem
    – Advances in treasury management
    – Data architecture
    – Case studies
    – Implementation approach
  • Cash Forecasting & Financial Risk Management at McAfee
  • Working Capital Forecasting & Management
    – Cash conversion cycle and operating cash flows
    – Cash flow timeline and float
    – Balance sheet current accounts and external financing
    – Strategies for investing in and financing working capital
    – Managing accounts receivables, inventory, and accounts payables
    – Working capital management tools



No advance preparation required.

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