Effective Business Writing for Today's Accountant: A Hands-On Workshop


Poor writing could be stifling your productivity—and your career. CEOs rank business writing among the most essential skills for accounting and financial executives. Take your writing to a new level and maximize your productivity by enrolling in this dynamic, interactive workshop. Learn to:

  • Eliminate writer's block and write faster and better
  • Explain accounting/financial concepts in plain English
  • Write explicit and concise documents with the right style and tone
  • Persuade readers to buy into your ideas
  • Master email communication



To help financial professionals improve their writing and communication skills. You’ll practice crafting documents such as client letters and persuasive proposals. You’ll also develop a personal action plan to continue improving your writing skills and leave with the confidence to write documents that achieve better business results.

  • Tap the power of simplicity
    – Start naturally
    – Choose conversational style
  • Understand purpose and audience
    – Clarify objectives
    – Assess readers’ needs
  • Write clearly and concisely
    – Choose straightforward language
    – Drop unnecessary words
  • Give grammar your best shot
    – Unleash verb power
    – Learn key rules and avoid common mistakes
  • Grab readers’ attention/be more persuasive
    – Write powerful introductions
    – Engage readers with compelling language
  • Choose a tone that produces results
    – Fit your language and attitude to readers
    – Criticize constructively without being harsh or condescending
  • Master email communication
    – Write compelling subject lines
    – Get faster replies



No advance preparation required.

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Communications & Marketing