Frequently Encountered Accounting & SEC Reporting Topics Self-Study Webinar (1.5 Hours)

Frequently Encountered Accounting & SEC Reporting Topics Self-Study Webinar (1.5 Hours)

CPE Credit: 1.5 Hours

Price: $99.00

NASBA Field of Study: Accounting



This self-study webinar will focus on complex and challenging accounting and SEC reporting topics that are frequently encountered by financial accounting professionals serving US-Listed companies. 


•  Non-GAAP Financial Measures
   – Compliance disclosure interpretations
   – Funds From Operations (FFO)
   – EBIT and adjusted EBITDA
   – Adjusted revenues
   – Broadcast cash flow and Free Cash Flow (FCF)
   – Core earnings
   – Measures presented on a constant-currency basis
   – The impact of COVID-19
   – Sustainability

•  Management’s Discussion & Analysis (MD&A)
   – SEC staff comments
   – Trends and uncertainties
   – Metrics used to assess performance  
   – Critical accounting estimates
   – Liquidity and capital sources

•  Contingencies
      – Lack of specificity  
      – Changes in accruals
      – Insufficient details about judgments
      – Unclear language

•  Segment Reporting
   – Reportable and operating segments
   – Identifying Chief Operating Decision Maker (CODM)  
   – Reporting units
   – Debt vs. equity

•  Revenue Recognition
   – Performance obligations
   – Transaction price and variable consideration  
   – Gross vs. net
   – Disaggregated revenue

•  Fair Value Measurements

•  Asset Impairments
   – Indicators
   – Recoverability tests
   – Measuring and allocating loss

•  Goodwill & Other Indefinite-Lived Intangible Assets
   – Testing for impairment
   – Qualitative and quantitative assessment  
   – At-risk reporting units

•  Inventory & Cost of Sales
   – Disclosures related to inventory evaluation and costing principles

•  Income Taxes—Estimating Annual Effective Tax Rate
   – Deferred Tax Assets (DTAs)
   – Net Operating Losses (NOLs)  
   – Exclusions
   – Foreign earnings

•  Amendments to:
   – Regulation S-K Items 301, 302 & 303
      – Selected financial data  
      – Supplementary financial information
      – MD&A
   – Rule 3-05 & Article 11: Changes to Reporting Acquisitions & Dispositions
      – Revisions to significant tests
      – Dispositions
      – Pro forma financial information
      – Financial statements of acquired businesses
      – Reduced requirements of registration statements
      – Disclosure effectiveness  

•  Business Combinations
   – Transaction costs
   – In-process R&D  
   – Contingent consideration
   – VIEs (Variable Interest Entities)  
     – Fair value of net assets
   – Lease classification
   – Contingent consideration  
   – 5-step acquisition method:
      – Identify acquirer
      – Determine acquisition date  
      – Meet consideration transferred
      – Recognize assets and liabilities
      – Measure goodwill

LEARNING OBJECTIVE  This webinar focuses on the most complex and challenging accounting and SEC reporting topics most
frequently encountered by financial and accounting professionals serving US-Listed companies.




Craig Lewandowski, Manager Director, KPMG

Detailed Learning Objectives

• Identify the accounting treatment for a potential loss contingency so judgmental it cannot be estimated

• Identify the appropriate methodology behind the aggregation of operating segments to reporting segments

• Recognize the nature of SEC comment letters surrounding revenue recognition, specifically performance obligations

• Identify recent amendments to certain parts of Regulation S-K

• Recognize the distinction between a business combination vs. an asset acquisition in the recognition of goodwill