SEC Training Made Simple

CPE INC. offers a complete set of programs to meet your SEC training needs. You can get an update on the latest SEC pronouncements or get expert advice on how to gain the most value from your SOX compliance program. We can also provide you with a review of Form 10-K, a best practices primer on writing a quality MD&A or details of the IPO process.

Here is a list of our current offerings:

SEC Virtual Conference: An Accounting & Reporting Update for Public Companies
Every year, we hold this two-day update on SEC and FASB matters in major markets across the country. You'll hear from experts in US financial reporting drawn from the SEC, the Big 4 and industry.


SOX 404 Virtual Conference: Redesigning Your SOX Program to Drive Value in the New Post-COVID World
In this unique, one-day conference, our unmatchable team of leading SOX experts will show you how to utilize modern technology to become more efficient and reduce the cost of SOX compliance.


Compensation Accounting Disclosures & Trends Webinar (1 Hour)
Our team of top-level experts will go over executive compensation disclosures, compensation committees, share-based compensation and accounting for income taxes, so you can maximize the benefits while avoiding hidden pitfalls.


FASB Projects Update Webinar (1 Hour)
FASB's recent changes have a huge impact on public companies in many important areas such as lease accounting, financial instruments and revenue recognition. This webinar examines these changes and shows you the best ways to handle them.


Form 10-K: A Hands on Workshop Webinar
Form 10-K is the major year-end reporting process for companies filing an annual report with the SEC. Current requirements make it crucial to fully understand the legal, accounting and disclosure rules. Participants will gain practical experience by working through examples of actual 10-Ks on an item-by-item basis.


IPOs & Reverse Mergers: Financial Reporting & Filing Requirements
The process of going public is long and arduous and can be intimidating to an accountant going through the process. This program maps the process from start to finish and explains the accounting, SEC and financial reporting requirements of each process.


Key SEC Developments Webinar (4 Hours)
In this webinar taken from our popular SEC Conference, our panel of Big 4 and industry experts will provide you with the up-to-the-minute information and guidance you need to successfully handle today's most critical SEC accounting and reporting issues.


MD&A & Market Risk Disclosure: A Hands-On Workshop
SEC guidance encourages companies to take a "fresh look" at presentation and disclosures each time the MD&A is prepared. Using actual MD&A filings as examples, this hands-on course will show you how to comply and what the SEC considers disclosure deficiencies.


Public Company Auditing Update Webinar (1 Hour)
This webinar provides financial professionals with an overview of the latest PCAOB rules and standards for audits, with an emphasis on how to avoid costly pitfalls.


Sarbanes-Oxley: A Complete Review & Update
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act may be the most important legislation affecting public companies and their auditors since the SEC was created. An expert explains each section of the law and how it affects you now and in the future.


SEC Accounting & Reporting: A Two-Day Boot Camp
Led by an expert in SEC reporting, this two-day workshop will introduce you to the SEC reporting process and familiarize you with the SEC's filing forms and financial reporting requirements.


SEC Enforcement: An Update on the Latest Issues & Best Ways to Handle Them Webinar (1.5 Hours)
Discover the latest issues that the SEC is targeting, what factors trigger investigations and enforcement actions, the possible outcomes, and how to avoid costly mistakes and penalties.


SOX 404: Best Practices for Process Improvement
With almost a decade of compliance under their belts, public companies now accept SOX 404 as a fact of life. But unless they stay immersed in best practices, companies can miss key efficiencies and opportunities to reduce costs.


SOX 404 Compliance: A One-Day Overview
This program is a comprehensive guide designed to provide you with the practical knowledge you need to successfully implement the SOX 404 process. You'll learn how to set up and manage your compliance project from start to finish.

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