Broker-Dealer Accounting Virtual Conference

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Broker-Dealer Accounting Virtual Conference

CPE Credit: 8 Hours

Price: $499.00

NASBA Field of Study: Accounting



This is the one Virtual Conference where you'll hear directly from FINRA, CFTC and PCAOB regulators on their latest initiatives and key priorities. Discover how these decisions may influence your company’s practices and bottom line, get critical updates on regulatory, accounting and auditing issues, and keep up with recent developments, such as the use of cryptoassets and the threats posed by cyberattacks and ransomware.

Through our comprehensive agenda and immersive online platform, you’ll gain expert guidance and real-world strategies from current and former regulators, Big 4 leaders and other industry specialists on implementing the latest accounting standards, dealing with regulators, mitigating risks, and more.


•  Technical Accounting Update

•  Regulatory Trends, Industry Initiatives & Challenges

•  PCAOB Update

•  Accounting for Digital Assets

•  Comments from the CFTC

•  SEC Enforcement Issues

•  Cybersecurity & Ransomware


LEARNING OBJECTIVE  To update financial professionals working for broker-dealers on the latest rules and regulations from FINRA,
CFTC and PCAOB, and show them the best ways to handle these rules.

DELIVERY METHOD  Group Internet-Based.




Welcome & Opening Remarks
8:45 – 9:00 AM

Technical Accounting Update
 – 10:00 AM
Now more than ever, Broker-Dealer firms must remain aware of the latest changes to technical accounting. Many new standards became effective for year-end Public Business Entities. This session will catch you up on everything you need to know, as well as discuss relevant active projects, including:
• Highlights of the FASB's Technical Agenda

   – Recognition and Measurement
   – Presentation and Disclosure
   – Selection of New ASUs for Public Business Entities
   – Reference Rate Reform
   – Fair Value Measurement of Equity Securities
• Fractional Share Accounting
• Troubled Debt Restructurings & Vintage Disclosures
• Fair Value Hedging
• SEC Rule 17a-5 Exemption Reports—Landscape & Guidance
• Exemption Reporting
Other Broker-Dealer Industry Initiatives

10:00 – 10:05 AM

Regulatory Trends, Industry Initiatives & Challenges
 – 11:05 AM
Broker-Dealer firms continue to be challenged by regulatory, accounting and auditing issues. This session will provide insights into the changes and evolution of the market, as well as FINRA's latest priorities. Topics to be discussed include:
Recent Regulatory Guidance
   – Security-Based Swaps

• Regulatory Updates
   – T+1 Settlement Cycle
   – 4210 and Covered Agency Trades
• Risk Monitoring & Examination Observations
• FINRA Key Topics—Annual Reports, Books & Records, Business Continuity Planning, COVID-19,
  Cybersecurity, FinTech & Funding and Liquidity

11:05 – 11:10 AM

PCAOB Update
11:10 AM – 12:10 PM

This session will focus on updates to the Inspection Program as they relate to Broker-Dealer firms, including significant changes in terms of international outreach and staffing. We'll look at:
• Overview of the 4020T Annual Report

• Inspection Results & Status
• Information Technology Controls

• Customer Reserve Computation
• Review Engagements—Audit Evidence
• Financial Statement Areas—Revenue, Related Party Transactions, Going Concern, Expenses 
  Accruals, Fair-Value Measurements, and Receivables & Payables
• Supplemental Information—Customer Protection Rule, Net Capital Rule
• Quality Control Systems

12:10 – 12:55 PM

Accounting for & Auditing of Digital Assets
12:55 – 1:55 PM

The FASB has yet to release an accounting standard dealing with digital assets. As a consequence, financial professionals are struggling to understand the accounting and auditing issues related to important new technologies such as cryptography and blockchain, much less prepare for the challenges inherent in them. In this session, an expert will address:
• Fundamentals of Distributed Ledger Technology
• Types of Crypto Asset Transactions
• Accounting & Auditing Considerations on Certain Crypto Assets

  – Investment in Cryptocurrencies
  – Receipt of Cryptocurrencies in Exchange for Goods or Services—ASC606, ASC610, ASC845
  – NFTs
• Staff Accounting Bulletin No. 121 ("SAB 121")

1:55 – 2:00 PM

Comments from the CFTC   
2:00 – 2:45 PM
Regulators from the CFTC will update you on the latest hot button issues and the most effective ways to handle them.

2:45 – 2:50 PM

SEC Enforcement Issues
2:50 – 3:50 PM

With the hiring of a new Chairman, the SEC has undergone significant changes, taking a more aggressive stance on enforcement issues. Using recent examples, this session will give you a solid understanding of how these changes are expected to impact Broker-Dealer firms, with a look at:
Transitioning to New Leadership

Working with Law Enforcement & SROs
Recent Cases of Interest & Their Impact
Areas of Focus
• Digital Assets—Crypto/ICOS

3:50 – 3:55 PM

Cybersecurity & Ransomware
3:55 – 5:00 PM
Cyber threats are on the rise, and the importance of understanding and identifying them—as well as implementing effective security and management measures—will be the focus of this session. Specifically, we will cover:
• The Threat Environment

• Current Top Cyber Risk Management Trends
• Balancing Compliance & Security
• Challenges to Managing Risk
• Ransomware

Conference Ends
5:00 PM




Joseph David, Senior Principal Specialist, Credit Regulation at FINRA

Bobbi Gwinn, Professional Practice Director, BDO

John Iacobellis, Assurance Partner, BDO

Tyler Kane, Director, Office of Financial & Operational Risk Policy, FINRA

Kathryn Mahoney, Senior Director, Financial & Operational Risk Policy, FINRA

Trent Mayberry, Financial Services Digital and Emerging Technology Lead at EY

Taylor McFarland, Former Inspections Specialist, PCAOB, Professional Practice Director, Audit Quality, BDO

Anne McKinley, Assistant Regional Director, Division of Enforcement, SEC

Donald Melody, Director, Johnson Global Accountancy

Adam Nava, Partner, Citrin Cooperman

Gerald Nudge, Associate Director, Branch Chief – Eastern Region, CFTC

Laura Pruitt, Partner, Jones Day

Tanieke Samuel, Director, Johnson Global Accountancy, Former Inspector, Division of Registration and Inspections, PCAOB

Gregory Schu, Partner, BDO USA, LLP

Kyle Sewell, Professional Practice Partner, BDO

Anthony Vinci, Director, Financial and Operational Risk Policy, FINRA

Mike Walters, Regional Associate Director, PCAOB

Bill Witt, Consulting Director, Accounting and Transaction Services at Morgan Franklin

Keith Zielenski, Managing Director, Protiviti


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