Stay on Top of Derivatives Accounting

Regulators and the accounting standard setters both have derivatives squarely in their sights. With a whirlwind of new rules from the SEC and FASB and more expected to come, now is the time for financial professionals to get up to speed on derivatives accounting.

CPE INC. is proud to offer a full array of programs on this complex topic, including one-day seminars on derivatives and FX accounting and an intensive four-day Boot Camp.

Here is a list of our current offerings:


Derivatives Accounting Conference: Critical New Guidance & Its Effect on Your Hedge Program
Dealing with the confusing maze of derivatives and hedge accounting rules is always challenging. But now it is about to get even more confusing and difficult because the FASB is proposing major changes to their hedge accounting model under US GAAP, which has been issued as an Exposure Draft.
This is just one of the many major changes that are coming in this ever-evolving field. Fortunately, this conference is designed to show you the best ways to stay compliant with new FASB rules from current and former FASB regulators, as well as Big 4 leaders and other industry experts.


Derivatives Accounting Boot Camp: An Intensive Four-Day Immersion Program
Designed for those who are new to derivatives accounting or for those who want to enhance their knowledge, this four-day Boot Camp will walk you step-by-step through the often complex rules for derivatives accounting and show you how to manage your company’s derivatives accounting program.


Accounting for Derivatives: An Overview
If you're new to derivatives accounting or just want to add to your financial accounting knowledge base, this one-day seminar will teach you the fundamentals and ground you in the building blocks of hedge accounting.


FAS 52 (ASC 830) & Derivatives: Unraveling the Mystery of FX Accounting
Get a clear understanding of accounting for foreign currency transactions and derivatives, how they're used to mitigate risk and the related accounting treatment.


Derivatives Accounting In-House Training
Do you have a team that needs to learn more about derivatives accounting? We can build a customized program just for your company and deliver it at a time and place of your choosing. Call 1-800-544-1114 for details.