Using Big Data Analytics to Increase Profits Webinar


Today, big data analytics is an invaluable tool to collect massive volumes of high-quality data in real time and organize it into an easy-to-use form so managers can make better decisions. Financial professionals who are knowledgeable in this area can gain a huge competitive advantage. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify your company’s big data
  • Tap into diverse types of information, make connections and create actionable results
  • Optimize decision-making by providing real-time information and insights based on analytics
  • Provide useful data from historic reporting to real-time analysis
  • Utilize big data analytics to improve operations, reduce costs and increase profits

To show financial professionals how to use the latest big data analytics to track the performance of the various components of a business and gain valuable insights to increase efficiency, lower expenses and boost profits. This webinar will also provide an update on the latest cutting-edge technology in the marketplace.

  • What is big data analytics and why is it important?
  • Building a culture of analytics
  • Moving beyond standard financial analytics to answer the question “why?”
  • Determining the right analytics for each area of business
  • Operational analytics and coverage ratios
  • Website and e-commerce analytics
  • Ensuring data quality and controlling access to data
  • Data warehouses, OLAP Cubes and customer dynamics
  • Utilizing Pivot Tables, Charts and Slicers in analyzing data
  • Taking advantage of Excel add-in called Power Pivot and Excel Data Model capability
  • Accessing and organizing actionable data
  • Leveraging big data to gain customer insights, cut costs and increase profits
  • Selling the benefits of big data analytics to end-users



No advanced preparation required.

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