The Role of Financial Statement Analysis in Management Decision-Making Webinar


Effective financial statement analysis is critical to effective business management decision-making. This webinar will provide you with a strategic approach to financial statement analysis to enable you to become an effective contributor to your organization's decision-making process. It will also allow you to:

  • Understand why financial analysis for business decisions must start with strategy and business modeling
  • Review business decisions for granting credit to customers, valuing a business and evaluating performance improvement strategies
  • Develop a strategic financial plan

To provide financial professionals with an in-depth look at the role of financial statement analysis in making sound business decisions. You’ll cover all the key metrics and valuation techniques, including industry comparisons, ratio analyses, cost of capital concepts and more. The focus of the webinar is to show you how to do financial analysis that enables you and your company to make better decisions.

  • Methods for determining a company’s financial strength
  • Industry comparisons
  • Cost of capital concepts
  • Critical financial ratios
  • Applying financial analysis models
  • Integrating financial forecasting into business plans
  • Creating a financial plan utilizing strategy, business model and operating plans
  • Using free cash flow to determine a company’s value
  • Using financial analysis for organization performance improvement
  • Lessons learned from past financial crises



No advance preparation required.

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