Tax Saving Strategies: Helping Your Business Rebound Webinar (1 Hour)


During these troubled economic times, businesses need be made aware of the many tax opportunities available to them in order to reduce tax liability. In this webinar, an experienced tax professional will discuss deductions and credits, as well as other available tax benefits, including:

  • Qualified Business Deduction
  • Bonus depreciation
  • Sections 179 & 179D
  • Other tax benefits to consider

To update accountants on the many tax opportunities available to businesses to help them reduce their tax liability and improve cash flow during these uncertain economic times.

  • Qualified Business Deduction (QBI or Section 199)
    – Eligibility of qualified income
       – Sole proprietorship
       – Partnership
       – S Corporation
       – LLC
    – Strategies to optimize deduction
  • Bonus Depreciation
    – Qualified business assets
    – Electing out of first-year depreciation
    – Available in loss years
  • Sections 179 & 179D
    – Maximum deduction and phase-out threshold
    – Qualified improvement property
    – Special financial incentives
  • Other Tax Benefits to Consider
    – Cost segregation
    – Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZ)
  • R&D Tax Credit
    – Manufacturing
    – Software design
    – Financial and professional services
    – Technology
    – Construction
    – Healthcare
    – Payroll tax credit for start-up businesses
  • Which Costs are Eligible?
    – Wages
    – Supplies
    – Contract research
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)



No advance preparation required.

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