Tax Cuts & Jobs Act: Ongoing Impacts on Tax Planning Webinar


The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 unleashes the most significant alterations to the tax code in 30 years. This historic and sweeping reform legislation is poised to dramatically impact nearly every taxpayer across the financial spectrum—from individuals and families to corporations, pass-through entities and estates. Through detailed comparisons of pre- and post- legislation tax filings, an expert reveals in a practical way:

  • How critical rule changes will impact taxation and planning strategies
  • The impact of the new tax legislation on estate taxes and estate planning
  • Foreign taxation issues

To enable accountants and financial professionals to get up to speed on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, and understand the legislation’s short- and long-term impacts across the board. This webinar will provide detailed examples on how the new legislation will impact tax filings for all filers—single, married filing jointly, head of household, married filing separately, corporations and other business entities.

  • Detailed analysis of the new legislation and its impact on:
    – Individuals
    – Corporations
    – Businesses and pass-through entities
  • Impact of the new tax legislation on estate taxes and estate planning
  • Sunset legislation with definitive end dates
  • Foreign taxation issues
  • Financial statement considerations for corporations and businesses
  • Planning for future tax liabilities

Working knowledge of federal income taxes.


No advance preparation required.

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