Sales Tax Strategies during the Economic Disruption of the COVID-19 Outbreak Webinar (2 Hours)


As we adjust to working from home and social distancing, the economy struggles to adapt to dramatic changes in business and consumer spending. For the purposes of this webinar, we will discuss the impact on state tax revenue collections, and what states are doing to address the issue. We’ll also consider proactive measures companies should be taking now to enhance sales tax compliance processes, and minimize risks and liabilities. Topics include:

  • States efforts to pursue declining sales tax revenues
  • Monitoring sales under new economic nexus standards
  • Taxation of new services and digital goods
  • Sales tax automation in minimizing audit risk

To show how states are dealing with reduced sales tax revenue during the COVID-19 crisis, and offer proactive guidance for businesses to maximize sales tax compliance and minimize risk.



  • Ongoing efforts by states to pursue sales tax revenues as they decline
  • The importance of monitoring sales under the new economic nexus standards
  • Forecast for taxing new services and digital goods
  • The role sales tax automation can play in minimizing audit risk



No advance preparation required.

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