Sales Tax Audits: Managing the Process & Minimizing Risk Webinar (2 Hours)


Sales tax audits present tremendous anxiety for companies. Sales tax compliance processes, if existent at all, are typically an afterthought, pieced together in reaction to issues as they arise. Add to this the fact that auditors, unaware of your industry or company, are trained to be suspicious, and you have a recipe for disaster if not planned for and managed properly. In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Sales tax compliance obligations for sellers
  • Monitoring changing tax laws
  • Processes and automated tax solutions to reduce audit risk




To keep tax professionals up-to-date with best practices for avoiding--and preparing for--a sales tax audit, as well as establishing sales tax compliance protocols.

  • Fundamenals of Nexus
    - Identifying nexus and what to do if you have it
  • Establishing Sales Tax Compliance Protocol with the Audit Trail in Mind
  • Understanding Why Companies are Selected for a Sales Tax Audit
  • Audit Preparation & Defense
    - Auditing yourself before the audit
  • Sampling
  • The Initial Audit Meeting & the Importance of a Plan
  • Waivers of the Statute of Limitations
  • Common Issues
  • Appeals






No advance preparation required.

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