REITs: Understanding the Complex Legal, Accounting & Tax Rules Webinar (4 Hours)


Real estate investment trusts (REITs) create unique opportunities for individuals to invest in large income-producing real estate or real estate assets. Yet many in the financial world do not possess the awareness and knowledge necessary to determine if investing in REITs is the best decision for them moving forward. This webinar will provide a basic understanding of what a REIT is and how to form and maintain one. It will cover:

  • Types of REITs, legal structures, and how they each function
  • GAAP and tax reporting requirements
  • Rules governing REIT ownership as well as dividends and distributions

To provide CPAs with an understanding of the complex rules to qualify as a REIT as well as an explanation of both the accounting and tax guidelines. You will walk away from this webinar being able to discuss and understand the intricacies of REITs while taking advantage of the potential benefits they offer.

  • Legislative history and intent of REITs
  • Requirements for forming and maintaining a REIT
    - Legal structures
    - Dividends and distribution requirements
    - Quarterly assets tests
    - Annual income tests
    - Prohibited transactions
  • Net Asset Value (NAV) methodology
  • GAAP reporting - SEC Guide 5 rules, ASC 974, FINRA rules, liquidity, equity, segment reporting
  • Non-GAAP reporting
  • Tax returns - Form 1120-REIT, Form 1065, Pitfalls



No advance preparation required.

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