Not-For-Profit GAAP Update Webinar (4.5 Hours)


This continually updated webinar is designed for accountants and financial statement users who want to remain on the cutting edge of the most recent accounting pronouncements affecting not-for-profits. You’ll be equipped to:

  • Follow current accounting standards for not-for-profits (ASC 958)
  • Understand recent guidance revising NPO financial statements
  • Apply accounting standards that impact nonprofits

To provide a deep dive into the most recent accounting pronouncements and issues impacting not-for-profits. This course focuses on understanding the accounting standards affecting nonprofits, implementing and using current authoritative literature, and reviewing the latest GAAP issues regarding NPOs.

  • Review of recent not-for-profit accounting standards
  • How NPO financial statements and required disclosures changed
    – Use of  “operating measures”
    – Liquidity disclosures
    – Reporting functional expenses
    – Statement of cash flows
  • Net assets, endowment funds, and UPMIFA
  • Distinguish among contributions, exchange transactions, and pass-throughs
  • Restrictions and conditions
  • Consolidations and goodwill for NPOs
    – New rules for goodwill amortization
    – When and how NPOs consolidate for-profits
  • Valuation and disclosure of investments
  • Recent FASB guidance affecting NPOs
    – Revenue recognition
    – Leases
    – Fair value
    – FASB Simplification Initiative
  • Valuing gifts-in-kind and gifts of non-financial assets
  • Allocating joint costs
  • Collections update

Basic knowledge of accounting for nonprofit organizations.


No advance preparation required.

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