Impact of COVID-19 on Complying with SEC Requirements, including ICFR Compliance Webinar (1.5 Hours)


The COVID-19 outbreak is translating into significant challenges for society, and impacting governments and businesses alike with unprecedented disruptions and risks. While companies continue to evaluate the impact on operations, it is also critical to assess the impact on financial accounting and reporting to comply with SEC requirements, including ICFR compliance. With workforces, suppliers, and customers experiencing operational disruptions for the foreseeable future, companies need to consider implications on processes, controls, and financial reporting. This webinar will focus on the way companies are adapting their SOX programs to remain compliant during this unprecedented time, with a focus on:

  • The current economy
  • Effectively responding to business disruptions, now and in the future
  • Maintaining SOX and ICFR compliance
  • ERM considerations
  • Business resiliency and continuity
  • Returning to the workplace

To help financial professionals understand the impact of COVID-19 on processes, controls, and financial reporting, and show them how companies are successfully adapting their SOX programs to remain compliant during this unprecedented time.


  • Economic Update
    – State of the economy
    – Market perspectives
  • Perspectives on Response—Now, Next, Beyond
    – Internal audit functions
    – Audit committee considerations
  • ICFR/SOX: Maintaining Compliance Amid Disruption
    – Liquidity
    – Accounting
    – Information technology
    – Cybersecurity
  • ERM Considerations
    – Preparedness plans
    – Impact assessments
    – Risk mitigation gaps due to capital outflows
    – Changes in performance objectives and strategies
    – Context of new external environment
    – Internal and operational changes
    – The upside of risk
    – Transforming from qualitative to quantitative
  • Resiliency & Business Continuity
    – Sustaining the right level of business operations
    – Monitoring and measuring effectiveness
    – Preparing for the worst-case scenario
  • Physical Return to Work
    – Transitioning employees back to physical locations
    – The importance of internal audit



No advance preparation required.

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