IFRS Update: IASB's Annual Improvement Project Webinar (2.5 Hours)


The IASB’s Annual Improvement Project 2018-2020 clarifies the latest amendments to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs), and provides financial professionals with guidance on how best to deal with them. In this program, an expert will discuss:

  • Recently issued IASs and IFRSs
  • The Covergence Project
  • The IASB's agenda
  • Insurance contracts, financial instruments and leases


To provide financial professionals with an overview of the IASB’s Annual Improvement Project 2018-2020, which details recent IFRS amendments and the best methods for dealing with them.

  • The Convergence Project
  • Key Initiatives
    - Joint projects with IASB
    - Short-term projects
    - Liaisons on each other’s boards
    - FASB monitors
    - Convergence Research Project
    - Explicit integration for
      convergence success
  • IASB Organization
    - Research and standards setting
    - Maintenance and consistent
  • Annual Improvement Project 2018-2020
    - First time adoption of IFRS
    - Financial instruments
    - Leases
    - Agriculture
  • IFRS
    - New initiatives of IASB
    - Business combinations
    - Financial statements/IAS 8
      accounting policies
    - Financial instruments, dis-
      closures/benchmark reform
    - Classification liabilities as
  • IFRS 17: Insurance Contracts
    Presentation and measurement
  • IFRS 16: Leases
    - Lessor accounting—single
      model approach
    - Lessee model
    - Lease consideration and
    - Criteria
    - Intellectual property
    - Disclosures
  • IFRS 9: Financial Instruments
    - Financial assets impairments and liabilities
    - Hedge accounting
    - Amortized costs
    - Fair Value Through Other
      Comprehensive Income
    - Debt and equity Instruments
    - Derivative liabilities
    - Reclassification
    - Expected credit loss model



Basic knowledge of financial accounting and reporting.


No advance preparation required.

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