Form 990 & the Taxation of Nonprofits Webinar


Form 990 is an open book into the operations, activities, purposes and finances of a nonprofit. With a 12-part Core Form, 16 different Schedules and hundreds of pages of Instructions, preparation of Form 990 is time intensive and complex. If you are a practitioner working with nonprofit clients, or you work for a nonprofit, you'll want to have a solid understanding and working knowledge of Form 990's Core Form and 16 Schedules. This webinar will allow you to:

  • Correctly complete the Form 990 Core Form
  • Understand the more complex elements of the Form 990 Core Form
  • Learn the basic elements of the most often used Form 990 Schedules
  • Ensure that your nonprofit is satisfying all required governance/insider compensation rules
  • Understand how to mitigate risk in preparing the Form 990 Core Form by identifying certain reporting and analytical red flags
  • Learn about all the resources available to nonprofits



To give CPAs, attorneys, consultants and nonprofit finance representatives an in-depth look at Form 990. You will learn about the annual compliance requirements via an in-depth discussion of the Form 990 Core Form. You will also learn how to protect the organization’s exempt status from automatic revocation and other potential challenges to exemption.

  • Annual Compliance Requirements of the Form 990, Including Accounting for Special Event Fundraising & Gaming, Determining Reasonable Compensation, Allocating Functional Expenses & Governance Best Practices
  • Summary & Brief Description of the Form 990 Schedules & the Most Pertinent Nuances of the 16 Different Schedules
  • Lobbying & Political Activity Reporting for Various Types of Nonprofits & Understanding the Lobbying Safe Harbor
  • Unrelated Business Income
  • Disqualified Persons (Insiders)
  • Documenting Reasonable Compensation



No advance preparation required.

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