Financial Accounting Issues for Manufacturers, Distributors & Retailers Webinar


Accountants who work for or with manufacturing, wholesale and retail companies face a wide variety of challenges, including inventory, revenue recognition and industry-specific issues. This webinar addresses a broad spectrum of issues, including these cutting-edge areas:

  • Revenue, expense and liability recognition
  • Fraud and earnings management issues
  • Receivables, securitizations and financing
  • ASC 606 (ASU 2014-09) on Revenue Recognition
  • The impact of COVID-19




To provide accountants, auditors and analysts with a comprehensive understanding of the accounting issues that affect manufacturing, wholesale and retail operations. This webinar discusses characteristics, as well as economic and accounting issues, common to these industries to empower financial professionals with the know-how to be highly effective.

  • Inventories—valuations and method
  • Warranties, guarantees and returns
  • Receivables—collectability, financing arrangements and securitizations
  • Revenue, earnings management and expense recognition issues
    – Timing of transactions
    – Specialized forms of sales and financing
    – Separability of product, installation, warranty and other sale components
    – Advertising, R&D and barter transactions
  • Revenue recognition: ASC 606, including industry specific guidance, transition, and adoption
  • Impairments—tangibles and intangibles, including the latest on goodwill for nonpublic entities
  • Asset retirement obligations and FASB Concepts Statement 7
  • Special issues for high-tech companies
  • Special issues for franchisees and franchisors
  • Fraud: prevention, system design and audit issues
  • Leases—adopting and following the New Standard
  • Consolidations, related parties under common control, clarifying the definition of a business, and push down accounting
  • FASB Simplification Initiative
  • The impact of COVID-19





No advance preparation required.

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