Exploring the Long-Term Economic Impact of COVID-19 Webinar (1 Hour)


The COVID-19 pandemic threatens to have long-lasting financial repercussions for all businesses. This webinar will address some of the most important issues for doing business both domestically and abroad, including forecasting and preparing for the future, and what must be resolved before doors and workplaces can reopen. Experts will discuss:

  • What is the impact of COVID-19 on the economy—and how long will it last?
  • Substantial risks to liquidity, credit and health
  • Expanding into the global market
  • The strength of the dollar

    ...and much more

  • The economy prior to COVID-19
    – What were the economic expectations for 2020?
    – Existing global issues, such as Brexit and trade wars
  • What’s going on?
    – The possibility of zero-revenue circumstances
    – Loss of sales
  • Financial markets acknowledging risk
    – S&P Financial 500 Index
    – High Yield
  • Three substantial key risks:
    – Liquidity
       – Cash shortage in the economy
       – Falling prices
    – Credit
       – Companies going out of business
       – Defaults rise
    – Health
       – Increased virus rates and geographic spread
       – Real human impact
  • Where do we go from here?
    – Is there a timeline?
  • What it means for…
    – Equity
    – Interest rates
    – Credit
    – Oil
  • The ability to forecast
    – Satisfying banks and funding sources
    – Potential impairment of significant intangibles
    – Understanding your credit risk portfolio
    – Default rates
    – Collections
  • The cyclical nature of the crisis
    – Positioning your company to thrive
  • Supply chain
    – Potential disruption
    – The impact on global outsourcing
  • Sources of funding
    – Banks
    – Policy makers
  • Readjusting for the future
    – Is now a good time to go global?
  • What is the outlook for the USD?
  • Tariffs



No advance preparation required.

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