Disclosure Committees: Best Practices & Essentials Webinar (2 Hours)


As companies continue to realize more and more, forming a disclosure committee makes the process of completing your annual and quarterly certification filings go much smoother and safer. But in order to effectively run a disclosure committee and get the most out of it, you will need to gain a greater understanding of the leading practices in establishing and operating them. In this webinar, we will:

  • Address standard accounting and reporting disclosures, as well as those arising from significant business and economic developments
  • Discuss the potential alternative option of using a sub-certification process
  • Dive into the essential aspects of disclosure committee formation, structure, and goals



To provide CPAs and financial professionals with knowledge to effectively utilize disclosure committees in the financial reporting and oversight at their companies. A panel of experts will discuss formation operation and best practices of disclosure committees and provide strategies to maximize the benefits.

  • Understanding all of the potential benefits offered by operating a disclosure committee
  • Key SOX disclosure rules
  • SEC recommendations
  • Effectively and properly staffing a disclosure committee
  • Frequency and formality of committee meetings
  • Charters and checklists
  • Strategic alignment
  • Defining committee responsibilities and long term goals
  • Best practices during the operation of a disclosure committee
  • Following a company’s disclosure controls and procedures
  • Incorporating diverse perspectives and insights



No advance preparation required.

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