Business Law for Accountants Webinar


Business law has changed dramatically in recent years. Are you still up to speed? Accountants need a current working knowledge of key business law concepts to spot potential problems and avoid legal land mines. Providing a refresher and update of the most common legal issues you’re likely to confront, this webinar:

  • Covers selected legal matters related to everyday business encounters
  • Updates you on recent developments in employment law
  • Explains laws and issues in plain English
  • Examines business and personal liability issues that can trap the unwary

To provide the accountant a refresher on legal issues frequently encountered by businesses. You’ll be equipped to identify and resolve issues before they become expensive problems in such areas as employment, contract law, tort liability and bankruptcy. All concepts are clearly explained from a business standpoint.

  • Court system and litigation process
  • Employment law
    – How to protect your company and yourself
    – Federal and state discrimination laws
    – Employment at-will
    – Employment-related immigration issues
  • Employee-independent contractor and exempt/nonexempt issues
  • Contract law, including contract interpretation and governing law issues
  • Bankruptcy law from a creditor's perspective
  • Tort liability, including negligence, defamation and wrongful termination



No advance preparation required.

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Business Law