A Valuation Primer for Financial Reporting Webinar


Due to the critical nature of Fair Value Measurement (ASC 820), accountants skilled in performing valuations and fair value determinations are not only of greater value to their companies, but are primed to expand and enhance their career opportunities. This information-packed webinar will:

  • Provide an overview of the valuation process and basics of value calculations
  • Position you to begin performing valuations and fair-value determinations in acquisitions
  • Help you better understand valuations prepared by third-party experts
  • Explain the techniques used to test goodwill for impairment
  • Discuss the three valuation methods and subsets therein, as well as the standards and premise of value



To provide CPAs with the knowledge and skills to begin engaging in fair-value determinations, and better understand valuation reports from third-party professionals. In addition, this webinar will familiarize you with techniques used to test goodwill for impairment, and provide checklists, charts and a basic case study to navigate.

  • Valuation process overview
  • Valuation report types and required documentation
  • Three valuation and subset methods
  • Standards and premise of value
  • Information requirements for valuations
  • Present value calculation basics
  • Cost of capital
  • Reconciling the cost of capital with the internal rate of return and the weighted average return on assets



Basic knowledge of financial accounting and reporting.


No advance preparation required.

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