Global Financial Crises Update: Handling the Aftermath, New Legislation & Accounting Reforms


Today, a series of financial crises from Europe to Russia to China to Japan to Latin America are threatening the US and world economies. In this seminar, you’ll get an expert update on what is happening now, what went wrong and what you should do now.

  • Far-reaching economic consequences of Brexit, the Euro Crisis and potential break-up of the EU
  • The economic problems of the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China)
  • Upcoming initiatives from the new administration in the US
  • Current and future impact of these events on the US economy and multinational corporations



To provide financial professionals with a better understanding of the players and issues behind a series of financial crises and events from around the world. You will discover the causes of these crises and the implications for the US and global economies.

  • European debt crisis update
    – The ongoing impacts of Brexit
    – Closer look at the current financial stability of the EU
    – Status of PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece & Spain)
    – New financial reforms passed by the European Parliament
    – Role of EU’s Financial Ministers and IMF
    – US bank disclosures of European debt exposures
  • Financial crises in the BRIC nations
    – Russia: the sanctions and the collapse of the ruble
    – Brazil’s economic slowdown and the threat of recession
    – China and India’s emerging economic problems and reforms
  • US credit crisis: causes and effects
    – Financial products and participants
    – Weaknesses in financial system and legislative response
  • Dodd-Frank legislation and other legislative responses
    – Intended/unintended consequences of law
    – Expanded powers of the Federal Reserve
  • Regulatory responses of the SEC/FASB/PCAOB
    – Transparency financial disclosures
    – Fair value disclosures for FIs
    – COSO 2013/ERM and expanded risk disclosures
  • Financial statements review of “Too Big to Fail”



No advance preparation required.

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