FASB Hot Topics


Some FASB pronouncements remain burning issues for years while others fade quietly into obscurity. This continually updated seminar focuses on topics that are “top-of-mind” at FASB, whether new issuances or older pronouncements for which accountants require continuing guidance. You will:

  • Explore the rules for business combination, consolidation and valuation methodologies
  • Examine the accounting, reporting and tax implications of employee compensation plans
  • Understand the consolidation requirements for variable interest entities
  • Get an update on recent leasing guidance
  • Learn about the impact of COVID-19



To provide accountants with a thorough treatment of the most important issues currently on FASB’s plate. You’ll gain a solid understanding of topics receiving significant attention, including leases, stock-based and other employee compensation plans, and business combinations and consolidations.

  • Business combinations (ASC 805)
    – Consolidations
    – Clarifying the definition of a business
    – Push down accounting
    – Fair value and FAS 141R
    – Variable interest entities and control (ASC 810)
    – Interests by related parties under common control, including special treatment for nonpublic entities
    – Intangibles, goodwill and impairment testing
    – Equity method, including recent FASB changes
  • Share-based payment plans and other employee benefit plans
    – Overview and objectives
    – Valuation methodologies
    – Tax implications
    – Disclosure requirements
  • Lease accounting—summary and adoption of new guidance
    – Comparison of old and new standards
    – Lessee vs. lessor treatments
  • FASB Simplification Initiative
  • The impact of COVID-19

Basic knowledge of financial accounting and reporting.


No advance preparation required.

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