Due Diligence: Steps to Securing a Good Deal


When negotiating an acquisition, purchasing securities, entering a joint venture, participating in a workout and turnaround or dealing with a dominant supplier or customer, the due diligence process is paramount. This seminar:

  • Examines the full scope of the process—from an informal review of financial statements and a survey of company operations to a detailed investigation of all target company activities
  • Gives you the tools and practice aids to apply due diligence to an array of business dealings and opportunities
  • Shows how to obtain valuable information for investors and identify serious problems early on



To provide the professional accountant with the knowledge and organizational skills to plan and participate in the due diligence process. The seminar focuses on applying due diligence to the acquisition of closely held companies.

  • Using analytical procedures for evaluation
  • Evaluating potential going concern issues
  • What to look for in an initial review
  • What to look for when reviewing financial statements
  • Determining what to buy and the valuation method(s) to use
  • How to quickly arrive at an initial valuation
  • How to organize and conduct an operational audit
  • How to recognize symptoms of failure
  • How to assess adequacy of systems, practices and procedures
  • How to assess target company management
  • Developing and assessing restructuring and refinancing options
  • Assessing weaknesses, risks and buyers’ initial negotiating positions
  • Supporting negotiations with timely re-analyses

Basic knowledge of financial and operational auditing.


No advance preparation required.

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