Corporate Financial Planning, Budgeting & Control


To survive and thrive in the current ever-changing, hyper-competitive global marketplace, financial managers must go far beyond traditional business concepts. Today they must understand the new dynamics and inter-relationship of forecasting, budgeting and business performance that will determine their organization’s future success or failure. In this leading edge seminar, you will learn how to:

  • Develop effective goals, strategies and plans that lead to successful business objectives
  • Transform the budgeting process into a key management tool that drives performance
  • Increase the accuracy of forecasting to greatly improve decision making



To show financial managers how to develop meaningful goals, create strategic plans and set business objectives that lead to a dynamic new budgeting process that generates outstanding results.

  • Developing strategies that are meaningful to your organization’s goals
  • Transforming strategies into challenging and successful business objectives
  • Understanding the differences and importance of both operational and strategic objectives
  • Why the classical budgeting process doesn’t meet current business needs
  • How this new approach to results-oriented budgeting is a powerful driver for success
  • Making the budget process the most critical management tool for outstanding performance
  • Determining what is successful business performance, including earnings, cash flow and other factors
  • New approaches for increasing the accuracy of forecasting
  • Real-world forecasting examples and case studies: lessons learned
  • Transforming the role of the controller into a key driver in the financial planning, budgeting and performance of organizations in today’s dynamic business environment



No advance preparation required.

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