Cash Flow Planning & Forecasting


Forecasting cash flow accurately and maintaining liquidity are even more critical in an uncertain economy. And the better the forecast, the better your company's profitability. An expert reveals:

  • Why forecasts fail
  • Fresh approaches to solve this age-old problem
  • Cutting-edge techniques for predicting cash excess and shortfalls
  • How to establish and improve banking relationships



To enable accountants and financial managers to achieve greater profitability with more effective cash flow planning and forecasting. Participants will learn how to augment their forecasting skills using the most current financial methodology as well as "outside-the-box" thinking.

  • Cash management vs. cash forecasting: an overview
  • The Treasury function
  • The cash planning cycle
  • Policies that contribute to a better cash flow
  • Cash planning tools and considerations
  • Cash planning process
    – Types and purpose of cash forecasts
    – How far to plan out
    – Format: Receipts & Disbursements or Adjusted Income Statement Method
  • Techniques for more accurate forecasts: Qualitative vs. Quantitative
  • Forecasting methodology: selecting the best methods for short-term, mid-term and long-term forecasts
  • Free cash flow: analyzing acquisitions, creating financing alternatives
  • Developing your forecast through analysis of:
    – Industry trends and global trends
    – Competitive strategy
    – Strategic planning and the budget process
  • Disbursement techniques
    – Payment and transfer methods
    – EDI: E-currency, Internet payments
  • Collection techniques
  • Float: how to maximize its use
  • Reporting tools available from your banking partners
  • Emerging cash management technologies
  • Designing and updating your cash management systems in today’s economy



No advance preparation required.

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Mgmt Services