Managing Global Contracting during the COVID-19 Crisis Self-Study Webinar (2 Hours)


The worldwide economic impact of COVID-19 could result in cash flow impairment from disrupted operations, higher operating costs, and lost revenue. This self-study webinar will focus on best practices for creating and managing the contracting process on a global scale, as well as risks inherent in international contracting and the necessary controls required. Topics covered include:

  • Why global contracts matter
  • Types of global contracts
  • Management strategies
  • Common legal issues
  • Other finance, accounting and controls

To provide financial professionals with best practices for managing the global contracting process during the COVID-19 crisis, and equip them with an understanding of the inherent risks and necessary controls.

  • Types of global contracts
  • Global contract management strategies
    – Compliance
    – Analytical needs
    – Protecting company interest
  • Coordinating supplier and customer contracts and negotiations
  • Legal issues
    – Risk allocation, including force majeure
    – Intellectual property
    – Dispute resolution
  •  Business opportunities and risk
  • Customer- and procurement-focused organizations
  • Compliance and Accounting Issues
  • COVID-19 and ASC 606 contract modifications
  • The International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM)

• Identify the overall characteristics of global contracting

• Recognize the current dimensions of global contracting considered by the contracting parties

• Recognize specified concerns within each dimension of global contracting

• Recognize varying aspects of “owner’s rights” in global contracting

• Identify specified stages of a successful contract process

• Recognize the matters to be addressed within key contract items




No advance preparation required.

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Business Law