Intermediate & Advanced Excel for the CPA Self-Study Webinar (6 Hours)


Intermediate & Advanced Excel for the CPA is specifically designed to introduce CPAs and their staff to many of the unknown or rarely used capabilities of Microsoft Excel.


To provide CPAs and other financial professionals with the less known capabilities of Microsoft Excel.

  • Conditional formatting
  • Cell styles
  • Find and select
  • Inserting graphs, sparklines, SmartArt, hyperlinks, pictures and shapes
  • Formulas tab: using, managing and creating names, formula auditing and the Watch Window
  • The power of the SUMIF, VLOOKUP and other formulas
  • The why and how of tables: the Quick Analysis tool
  • Text to columns
  • Flash Fill
  • Data validation
  • Pivot Tables
  • The Data Model
  • Power Pivot
  • Introduction to Power View

Recognize how to override Excel default or preference settings

Recognize how to change the way in which Excel corrects and formats text as you type

Identify how to set Excel to automatically save a new workbook file to a format other than .xlsx

Recognize how to change the direction of the next cell after Enter

Identify the default views under the Quick Access toolbar

Identify where to find specific security and privacy settings

Identify the tool used to accentuate information in a schedule or data base

Recognize the tools used to define formatting rules that highlight cells with specified values

Recognize the tools used to insert colored bars to represent totals in the columns being analyzed

Recognize the tools used to generate graphical lists and relationship charts using a preexisting gallery

Identify the tools used to draw predefined and free-form graphic shapes

Identify the option boxes available under a chosen graph

Identify the suggested method for learning charting and graphing options

Recognize the role of Sparklines

Recognize the role of pivot tables

Recognize the characteristics of pivot tables

Identify the role of the SUMIF function

Identify alternatives to the Vlookup Formula


None. Required: Please have laptop with Excel installed.


No advance preparation required.

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Computer Software & Applications