Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain Technology: The Impact on Finance & Accounting Self-Study Webinar (5 Hours)


Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency designed to function as a medium of exchange. It utilizes computerized encoding and decoding technology to secure and verify transactions, and control the creation of new units. This self-study webinar will:

  • Explain cryptocurrencies and the technologies behind them
  • Show how to use a digitized and decentralized public ledger, known as a blockchain, to accurately and chronologically keep track of transactions without central bookkeeping
  • Discuss the impact of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in finance and accounting
  • Explore audit considerations and risk assessments

To help accountants and financial professionals gain a strong understanding of cryptocurrencies, the new blockchain technology supporting them, and the role they’ll play in our capital markets.

  • Defining  cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology
  • Analyzing the anatomy of a cryptocurrency transaction
  • Understanding  the vocabulary
  • Examining the attributes of blockchain technology
  • Audit considerations

• Identify the key elements of cryptocurrency

• Identify the common types of transactional cryptocurrency

• Recognize the characteristics of a digital cash transactional framework

• Identify the required elements of a “peer to peer” cryptocurrency digital cash transaction

• Identify the terminology used to describe the proof of work by a miner that allows a new block of data to be added to a distributed ledger

• Recognize the valid attributes of a distributed ledger technology, such as Blockchain

• Identify the general capital market response to cryptocurrency

• Recognize the benefits to using blockchain for processing transactions

• Recognize the valid reasons for an entity to invest in blockchain technology

• Recognize the audit considerations when auditing blockchain technologies

• Identify the general concerns surrounding the legitimacy of the cryptocurrency market

• Identify the most likely future impact of the expanded use of cryptocurrency on the Central Bank (or “Fed”)




No advance preparation required.

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