Business Law for Accountants Self-Study Webinar (2 Hours)


Business law has changed dramatically in recent years. Are you still up to speed? Accountants need a current working knowledge of key business law concepts to spot potential problems and avoid legal land mines. This self-study webinar provides a refresher and update of the most common legal issues you’re likely to confront.


To provide the accountant a refresher on legal issues frequently encountered by businesses. You’ll be equipped to identify and resolve issues before they become expensive problems in such areas as contract law and tort liability. All concepts are clearly explained from a business standpoint.

  • Court system and litigation process
  • Contract law, including contract interpretation and governing law issues
  • Tort law, including negligence and liability

Identify the primary method of conflict resolution prior to the establishment of modern legal concepts

Identify the primary characteristics of injunctive relief

Recognize the differences between procedural law and substantive law

Recognize those entities legally entitled to create administrative law

Recognize the cases over which the Federal courts have jurisdiction

Identify the term used to describe the place where a legal action will occur

Identify the term used to indicate the individual or entity that initiates a lawsuit

Recognize examples of implied contracts

Recognize transactions that fall under the statute of frauds

Recognize the legal duties between a principle and an agent




No advance preparation required.

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Business Law