Key SEC Developments Self-Study Webinar (5 Hours)

Key SEC Developments Self-Study Webinar (5 Hours)

CPE Credit: 5 Hours

Price: $269.00

NASBA Field of Study: Accounting



In this self-study webinar taken from our popular SEC Conference, our panel of Big 4 and industry experts will provide you with the up-to-the-minute information and guidance you need to successfully handle today’s most critical SEC accounting and reporting issues.


•  SEC Commission & Staff Changes

•  SEC Reporting in the COVID-19 Environment
   – Corp Fin Disclosure Topic No. 9
      – CARES and Exchange Acts

•  SEC Financial Disclosure Rulemaking
   – Description of business
   – Legal proceedings
   – Risk factors
   – Human capital management disclosure
   – Principles-based disclosure

•  Amendments to Modernize, Simplify & Enhance Certain Parts of Regulation S-K
   – MD&A liquidity disclosure requirements
   – Critical accounting estimates

•  Amendments to Rules 3-10 & 3-16
   – Alternative disclosures
   – New rules

•  Amendments to Rule 3-05 & Article 11
   – Significance of acquired business under Regulation S-X 1-02 (w)
   – Required financial statements
   – Pro forma financial information
   – Disclosures of acquired and disposed businesses

•  Direct Listings on the NYSE
   – Advantages and disadvantages

•  Environmental Social Governance (ESG)
   – What might the SEC do?
   – Initiatives
   – Climate change disclosure guidance

•  SEC Disclosure Considerations—China-Based Operations
   – Company disclosures

•  Special-Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) Update
   – Recent SEC staff comments
   – SPAC considerations
   – Accounting issues

•  Environmental Social Governance (ESG)
   – What might the SEC do?
   – Initiatives
   – Climate change disclosure guidance

•  SEC Enforcement Activities
   – Focus areas
   – Financial fraud and issuer disclosure
   – Cybersecurity
   – Disclosure considerations
   – Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act (HFCAA)

•  Other Rule Changes
   – E-signatures
   – Form 10-K cover-page addition
   – Material Contracts Without Confidential Treatment Request
   – MD&A: two years instead of three

•  SEC Interpretive Guidance
   – Reporting reminders (S-X Rule 3-13)
   – Key performance indicators and metrics in MD&A
   – Updates to Financial Reporting Manual

•  Critical Audit Matters (CAMs)
   – Communication and disclosures
   – Post-implementation review
   – Interim analysis report 

•  Cybersecurity
   – Disclosures
   – Best practices
   – SEC enforcement priority

•  Legislative Update
   – Regulatory outlook

•  Accounting Update on CECL
   – FASB project acquired financial assets
   – COVID-19 implications

•  SEC Staff Comments & Trends
   – Non-GAAP measures
   – MD&A
   – ASC 606, Revenue from Contracts with Customers
   – Segment reporting
   – Climate change



LEARNING OBJECTIVE  To provide financial professionals with an update on the key SEC hot button issues and regulations that
impact the financial accounting and reporting of listed companies.




Andrea Campion, Team Lead, SEC Reporting, Google

Lauren Assaf-Holmes, Corporate Associate Focused on ESG, Securities Regulation & Corporate Governance, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP

Kyle Moffatt, Partner, PwC


Detailed Learning Objectives

• Recognize SEC priorities under the new administration

• Identify the disclosures that should be considered in a COVID-19 environment

• Identify the modified threshold for disclosure of governmental environmental proceedings

• Recognize appropriate human capital resources disclosures

• Recognize trends in precedent disclosures on human capital management

• Identify the eliminated disclosures after the SEC effort to modernize and simplify certain parts of Regulation S-K

• Identify recent amendments to specified rules

• Identify advantages of direct listings

• Identify required disclosures for offshore, China-based VIE structured registrants

• Recognize SEC accounting concerns with SPACs

• Identify the extent of SEC interest in and expectations for cybersecurity disclosures

• Recognize the characteristics of a Critical Audit Matter

• Identify the SEC Division of Examinations most recently announced priorities

• Identify recent trends in SEC comment letters

• Recognize best practices for non-GAAP measures

• Recognize the focus of SEC staff comments regarding Topic 606