Controllership Forum: Strategies for Success Self-Study Webinar (11 Hours)

Controllership Forum: Strategies for Success Self-Study Webinar (11 Hours)

CPE Credit: 11 Hours

Price: $399.00

NASBA Field of Study: Finance



Become a more effective controller by taking this unique self-study webinar.

Discover how to succeed in uncertain times by using new real-world strategies to obtain credit, deal with capital, reduce overhead costs, develop smarter budgets, utilize the latest business performance metrics and boost profitability.


LEARNING OBJECTIVE  To provide controllers with the latest proven strategies to obtain credit, manage capital, cut overhead costs,
create smarter budgets, increase profitability and utilize the latest business performance metrics. You will also learn how to use business
analytics to gain a competitive advantage and align business performance with strategy.


Detailed Learning Objectives

Identify the status of the use of Big Data today

Identify external intelligence data for business intelligence analysis

Identify the characteristics of the ideal business intelligence software

Recognize the desired characteristics of a strategic plan in an environment of external changes and contingencies

Recognize the mutual characteristics of an entity’s strategic planning and budgeting processes

Identify the characteristics of an effective strategic plan

Identify the characteristics of an effective budget

Recognize the implication of a budgeting plan not effectively integrated with operations

Identify the various functions of cash management

Recognize the characteristics of effective cash management

Identify components of working capital

Identify the basis for the creation of forecasting models

Identify the characteristics of effective performance management

Recognize the ideal emphasis of performance management feedback to employees

Identify the ideal criteria for performance measures

Identify the available categories of benchmarking

Identify financial benchmarking metrics

Recognize actions that would be counterproductive in improving working capital

Identify the result of effective process improvements

Identify tasks least and most likely to be outsourced today

Identify the characteristics of activity based costing

Recognize challenges in crisis decision-making

Identify the characteristics of effective corporate communications during a crisis

Identify the overriding goal of risk management

Recognize the type of risk typically hedged by the use of forwards, futures or debt

Recognize the “most important” objective in using derivatives to hedge according to a survey