Breakdown of State-Specific Economic Nexus Provisions Self-Study Webinar (1.5 Hours)

Breakdown of State-Specific Economic Nexus Provisions Self-Study Webinar (1.5 Hours)

CPE Credit: 1.5 Hours

Price: $60.00

NASBA Field of Study: Taxes



This informative self-study webinar will provide a state-by-state breakdown of economic nexus provisions in a Post-Wayfair world. Dillon Tax Consulting President, Mike Dillon, will identify and categorize states within economic and marketplace nexus thresholds. In addition, he’ll review notice and reporting requirements, explain the current status of physical presence nexus, and share potential future developments.


•  What States Have Economic Nexus?
   – South Dakota-style economic nexus thresholds

   – Other states’ economic nexus thresholds
   – Marketplace economic nexus

•  Notice & Reporting Requirements
   – States with forced compliance
   – Severe penalties for non-compliance
   – Physical presence nexus

•  What Can We Expect?    
   – Decisions facing remaining states
   – Nexus free for all? Patchwork of different standards and thresholds from state to state
   – Heightened enforcement of existing nexus laws
   – More economic nexus standards—double since Wayfair
   – Potential for “virtual” nexus provisions (e.g., cookies)
   – States begin taxing more services
   – Retroactive application of new nexus laws
   – Lower thresholds
   – Lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of state nexus provisions
   – Congressional action?
   – Drop shipments


LEARNING OBJECTIVE  To provide accounting and tax professionals with a thorough breakdown of state-specific economic nexus
provisions in a Post-Wayfair world, and a preview of what impacts to expect.

PREREQUISITE  Working knowledge of state and local sales tax.    ADVANCE PREPARATION  None.    PROGRAM LEVEL  Overview.  
  Taxes.    DELIVERY METHOD  Self-Study.


Detailed Learning Objectives

Identify the role of economic nexus before and after the Wayfair decision

Identify the role of South Dakota’s economic nexus thresholds on other states

Recognize the states that utilize marketplace nexus

Identify the state penalties for noncompliance with notice and reporting requirements

Identify the continuing role of physical nexus

Recognize the likely state tax environment in the years subsequent to the Wayfair decision