A Deep Dive into the New Revenue Recognition Standard Webinar (4.5 Hours)

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In this highly rated webinar, America's leading experts will update you on recent developments and show you proven real-world strategies to implement the New Revenue Recognition Standard.


A Deep Dive into the New Revenue Recognition Standard Webinar (4.5 Hours)

CPE Credit: 4.5 Hours

Price: $299.00

NASBA Field of Study: Accounting

What Professionals like You Say about this Webinar

“Awesome knowledge and good insights.”
       – Clarence Quindipan, Sr. Revenue
          Analyst, Align Technology

“Great topics that are relevant and good interaction between speakers.”
       – Brian Wu, Director of External
          Reporting, Rambus

“Very relevant, informative presentation. I would definitely recommend this program to others.”
       – Nick Jensen, Financial Reporting
          Analyst, Masco Corporation



In this webinar, our presenters will update you on all of the latest, proven best practices for implementing the New Revenue Recognition Standard, along with the latest developments and rulings from the FASB.


•  Scope of ASC Topic 606 and IFRS 15
   – Lease and insurance contracts
   – Nonmonetary exchanges between entities
Financial instruments

•  The AICPA’s industry-specific task forces

•  Revenue from contracts with customers

•  New Standard core principals

•  The new 5-step Revenue Recognition Model
   – Step 1: identify contract with customer
   – Step 2: identify performance obligations in contract
   – Step 3: determine transaction price
   – Step 4: allocate transaction price
   – Step 5: recognize revenue

•  Enforceable by law

•  Collaboration agreements and customer definition
   – Free trial periods
   – Prepaid spending account
   – Proceeds on settlement of patent infringement

•  Collectability criteria and price concessions

•  Asset derecognition

•  Termination provisions

•  Portfolio practical expedient

•  Multiple contracts with interdependent pricing

•  Accounting for services AFTER contract expiration

•  Shipping and handling

•  Option to acquire additional goods or services

•  Standalone Selling Price (SSP)

•  Stand-ready promises

•  Bill-and-hold arrangements

•  Warranties


LEARNING OBJECTIVE  To provide you with a thorough explanation of the ins and outs of the New Revenue Recognition Standard
and how best to handle key issues that may arise.

DELIVERY METHOD  Group Internet-Based.


A self-study webinar covering the five steps to revenue recognition is also available
A Deep Dive into the New Revenue Recognition Standard Self-Study Webinar (9 Hours)



Shelley Klee Finn, Senior Principal/Director, Accounting Policies, DXC Technology

Mike Hoffman, CPE INC. Consultant



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