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From our concise, one-day review of the differences between IFRS and US GAAP to our four-day, pronouncement-by-pronouncement IFRS Boot Camp, CPE INC. has the programs to add IFRS expertise to your company’s knowledge base.


IFRS Boot Camp: Four-Day Certification Program
This four-day certification program includes a pronouncement-by-pronouncement review of IFRS and a series of presentations on transition and conversion issues.


IFRS: A Comprehensive Two-Day Workshop
Designed to meet the needs of those who want a compressed but comprehensive course on IFRS, this two-day workshop will get you quickly up to speed on this increasingly global set of accounting standards.


IFRS: A One-Day Comparison with US GAAP
While the SEC is finalizing the transition to IFRS, financial professionals must begin to gain an understanding of this increasingly global set of accounting standards. This one-day overview will highlight the key differences between US GAAP and IFRS.


IFRS 2017: An Update of Recent Changes
The IASB has generated an unprecedented number of major changes in the last several years resulting in the issuance of four new standards and modifications to three existing standards, together with finalizing the Revenue Recognition, Financial Instruments and Leasing projects. This seminar will provide you with updates on recent IFRS changes and new accounting guidelines.


IFRS In-House Training
With CPE I
NC. in-house training, we can customize the content of your IFRS seminar to meet your company’s objectives. You’ll save time and travel costs, plus we offer substantial discounts for large groups. Call 1-800-544-1114 for details.