Accounting & Reporting Leadership Conference for Corporate Accountants 2017

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Accounting & Reporting Leadership Conference for Corporate Accountants 2017

CPE Credit: 16 Hours

Price: $1,445.00

NASBA Field of Study: Accounting



Our 2017 Accounting & Reporting Leadership Conference for Corporate Accountants is a unique combination of a high-level summit and a down-to-earth workshop.

You’ll benefit from the wisdom, experience and perspectives of top current and former regulators, Big 4 experts and America’s most successful industry leaders as they update you on the latest rule changes from the FASB, IASB, AICPA, SEC and their impact on your business.

In addition, this conference will give you a wealth of practical ways to effectively handle the latest rule changes, along with a treasure trove of market-tested solutions to your biggest financial accounting and reporting challenges.



•  FASB/IASB Projects Update

•  Revenue Recognition: Navigating the New Landscape

•  Accounting for Leases: Implementation & Transition

•  Financial Instruments: Update on the New Standard & What’s on the Horizon

•  Compensation Accounting & Disclosure

•  FASB Simplification Initiative

•  Accounting for Business Combinations including Reverse Mergers

•  Accounting & Reporting during Challenging Times 

•  Frequently Encountered Accounting & SEC Reporting Topics

•  Hot Topics Industry Panel Discussion: Making the Most of New Opportunities & Overcoming the
   Latest Challenges

•  Best Practices for Closing the Quarter & Preparing Consolidated Financial Statements


LEARNING OBJECTIVE  To provide financial professionals with an update on the new financial accounting and reporting requirements
from the FASB, IASB, AICPA, SEC and other rulemakers. This conference will also show participants the expected impact of these rules
and what they need to do to stay compliant.

PREREQUISITE  Basic knowledge of financial accounting and reporting.   ADVANCE PREPARATION  None.   PROGRAM LEVEL  Overview.   


This program is also available via live webcast
Accounting & Reporting Leadership Conference for Corporate Accountants 2017 Webcast



Deluxe Continental Breakfast & Registration
 – 8:45 AM

Welcome & Opening Remarks
 – 9:00 AM

Setting the Tone: Navigating the Latest Changes in Financial Accounting & Reporting, US & International Regulations & Finding Effective Real-World Solutions to Increased Compliance Challenges
 – 9:30 AM

FASB/IASB Projects Update 
 – 10:30 AM
FASB/IASB agenda and status of convergence projects
• Recently completed projects and related implementation issues
• Recently issued exposure drafts and other formal projects
• Accounting updates with upcoming effective dates
• Disclosure and conceptual framework projects
• Current SEC views related to IFRS

 – 10:45 AM

Revenue Recognition: Navigating the New Landscape 
10:45 AM – 12:15 PM
Countdown to Adoption
Overview and recent developments
Standard-setting updates including three recent ASUs:
  Identify performance obligations and licensing
  Narrow-scope improvements and practical expedients
  Clarification of principal vs. agent guidance (reporting revenue gross vs. net)
Understand transition decisions and retrospective adoption alternatives
Update on Transition Resource Group (TRG) activities and AICPA industry task forces
Revisit current accounting policies to determine required accounting process changes
Disclosure requirements
SAB 74 considerations
Implementation challenges
  Establish governance, project management and change management
  Determine the impact on people, processes and systems
  Communication and education
  Perform dry run prior to effective date
  Prepare for audit
Contract reviews
Adoption examples

 – 1:00 PM

Accounting for Leases: Implementation & Transition
1:00 – 2:30 PM
Overview, effective date and timeline of the New Standard
Scope of and identifying a lease
Separating lease and non-lease components
Issues to be discussed include:
  Lease classification 
  Lessee/Lessor adoption issues
  Lessee accounting and presentation
  Summary of lessee’s potential financial statement impact
  Lessor accounting—operating leases, sales-type leases, direct financing leases
  Recognition and measurement
  Ongoing requirements
     – Reassessment requirements: lessee
     – Modification
     – Asset impairment

  Other transactions
  Sale and leaseback transactions
  Sublease arrangements: more complex than ever
  Related party leases
  Built-to-suit transactions
  Other areas
  Business impacts
Differences between the FASB and IASB standards
Operational and implementation challenges of the New Standard
  Systems, business challenges and financial reporting
  Data gathering, contract assessment, IT implementation
Transition methods and options

Financial Instruments: Update on the New Standard & What’s on the Horizon 
 – 3:30 PM
The FASB issued its final standard on classification and measurement in January 2016. Changes to the current GAAP model primarily affect the accounting for equity investments, financial liabilities under the Fair Value Option, and the presentation and disclosure requirements for financial instruments. The Classification and Measurement Guidance is the first ASU issued under the FASB’s Financial Instruments Project. In June 2016, the FASB issued its final standard on accounting for credit losses, which introduces an approach based on expected losses to estimate credit losses on certain types of financial instruments. It also modifies the impairment model for available-for-sale debt securities and provides for a simplified accounting model for purchased financial assets with credit deterioration since their origination. An exposure draft of the new hedging guidance is expected in the second half of 2016.
The discussion will cover:

Background and scope of the standards
The key changes in classification and measurement
  Accounting for investments in equity securities
  Impairment of equity securities without readily determinable fair value
  Liabilities measured using the Fair Value Option
  Presentation of financial assets and financial liabilities
  Disclosures for financial instruments measured at amortized cost
Key changes to accounting for financial instruments—credit impairment
  What’s changed from the current “incurred loss” model
  Scope of the impairment models
  ASC 310-30 (formerly SOP 03-3) accounting
  Impairment for AFS debt securities
Transition decisions on the new hedging guidance
  Assessment and measurement of ineffectiveness
  Hedging of nonfinancial items
  Financial hedging
  Other targeted improvements

 – 3:45 PM

Compensation Accounting & Disclosure 
 – 5:00 PM
• Executive compensation disclosure requirements and best practices
• Executive compensation disclosure hot topics (pay-for-performance, realized comp, pay ratio
  and more)
• Primer on compensation committees
• Compensation and share-based payment accounting
  – Equity- and cash-settled plans
  – Classification as equity or a liability
  – Modifications
  – Valuation considerations



Deluxe Continental Breakfast
 – 8:30 AM

FASB Simplification Initiative
 – 9:30 AM
Completed projects
  – Customer’s accounting for fees paid in a cloud computing arrangement

  – Presentation of debt issue costs
  – Inventory measurement
  – Balance sheet classification of deferred taxes
  – Accounting for measurement-period adjustments
  – Measurement date of employee benefit plans
Current projects
  – Equity method
  – Share-based compensation
  – Balance sheet classification of debt
  – Accounting for income taxes, intra-entity asset transfers

Accounting for Business Combinations including Reverse Mergers
 – 10:45 AM
The accounting for business combinations (ASC 805), discontinued operations and related topics continues to pose many challenges and remains on the SEC's radar screen.
This session will focus on:

• Risk management considerations
• Cross-border acquisitions
• Post-acquisition issues
• Earn-out pitfalls
• Accounting for a partial acquisition
• SEC reporting requirements

 – 11:00 AM

Accounting & Reporting during Challenging Times 
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
All companies go through troubled times of varying degrees, regardless of size or industry. This session will focus on the best ways to handle accounting and reporting during these troubled times, including going concern assessments, impairments, restructurings and bankruptcy.
The discussion will cover:
• Accounting for disposal activities, exit costs and restructuring charges
• Calculating asset impairments, including goodwill
• Handling accounting and disclosures before, during and after Chapter 11 bankruptcy
• Assessing the company for going concern considerations under ASC-205-40 (ASU 2014-15)
• When and how to apply the liquidation basis of accounting

 – 12:45 PM

Frequently Encountered Accounting & SEC Reporting Topics 
 – 2:15 PM
This session will focus on complex and challenging accounting and SEC reporting issues that are frequently encountered by corporate accounting professionals of public companies.
Areas of discussion will include:
• Debt: modifications, exchanges and extinguishments
• Contingencies
• Hedging foreign currencies
• Segment reporting
• Financial statement presentation
• Asset acquisition vs. business combination
• Intangible assets
• Income taxes
• Material misstatements and identifying material weaknesses
• Revenue recognition
• Fair Value

Hot Topics Industry Panel Discussion: Making the Most of New Opportunities & Overcoming the Latest Challenges 
 – 3:30 PM
In this dynamic interactive session, you will profit from the chance to take advantage of the real-world experience and market-tested best practices of America’s leading accounting and financial reporting experts. Our panelists will share with you their proven success strategies for effectively handling today’s toughest challenges and making the most of new and upcoming opportunities. This lively information-packed exchange will supply you with a wealth of real-world solutions that you can use back at work. There will also be plenty of time for questions and answers. You are invited to challenge our panel with your most difficult problems and receive all the benefits of their expert guidance.
Our panelists will discuss the topics listed below and much more:
• Dealing with today’s increased disclosure requirements
• Keeping up with constant updates to rules and regulations on a local, national and international
• Maintaining ethics in a hyper-competitive global marketplace
• Solving the 21st century personnel riddle: hiring the right people and giving them the right training
  …and much more

 – 3:45 PM

Best Practices for Closing the Quarter & Preparing Consolidated Financial Statements 
 – 4:45 PM
Working with the disclosure committee
• The audit committee approval process
• Preparing the earnings release
• The Form 10-Q
• Whether to give/update guidance and how far to go
• Trading window considerations
• Using social media
• What consolidation platforms does your company use?

  – General ledger
  – A consolidations tool
Consolidation process controls

Conference Ends
4:45 PM


* PLEASE NOTE: Session topics and times are subject to change based on location and speaker availability. Please call 1-800-544-1114 for specific agenda details.


This program is also available via live webcast
Accounting & Reporting Leadership Conference for Corporate Accountants 2017 Webcast



Greg Deisher, CPA, is part of the Financial Reporting Group at Rackspace, Inc., the world’s leader in managed hosting. He was the Founder and CEO of GDRM Acquisition Group, a private investment firm with domestic and international holdings.

Kevin Dolan, MBA, CPA, a consultant to CPA firms on accounting and auditing matters, has over 20 years of experience in quality control, accounting and auditing standards and controllership for both national and international accounting firms and corporations.

Louis Fanzini, CPA, is SVP Deputy Controller at TD Bank and leads TD Bank’s technical accounting, regulatory reporting and financial reporting teams. Prior to joining TD Bank, Mr. Fanzini held finance leadership positions at AIG, Credit Suisse and JP Morgan.

Michael J. Ussery, CPA, is a Principal in the firm of Pt. Platinum Consulting, LLC, a financial reporting, CFO services and SEC compliance consulting firm. He has broad experience in financial reporting and SEC matters and has lectured for CPE INC. for over 15 years.


This program is also available via live webcast
Accounting & Reporting Leadership Conference for Corporate Accountants 2017 Webcast


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This program is also available via live webcast
Accounting & Reporting Leadership Conference for Corporate Accountants 2017 Webcast